Example Data

Measure Value
Total Reads 15752091
Fraction On Target 0.67042235853
Fraction Off Target 1.0284348916e-05
Fraction Unmatched 0.329567357121
Coefficient of Distribution (G) 0.260394791718

Usage to Add

$ fqc add --prepend \
      plot_data/2016/160912_M03018/config.json \
      'Run Stats' \
      table \

Plot Options

Option Value
filename supports either a single file path or list of lists with [plot tab name, file path] pairs (see Plot Tabs)
tab_name left main menu entry
status left main menu icon – supports ‘pass’, ‘fail’, ‘warn’, or alternatively, omitted (see Tab Status)

Example JSON entry:

    "filename": "160912_summary.csv",
    "chart_properties": {
        "type": "table"
    "tab_name": "Run Stats"